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Are you ready to get your money working for you and achieving your financial goals?

Your financial journey starts with your destination in mind.

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Richard at-a-glance

  • Helping clients develop a holistic approach to money management for over 23 years.
  • Employing investment and insurance strategies.
  • Goal: Financial Independence while ensuring we enjoy the ride along the way. It is all about balance.
  • Top Advisor 2017 - Carte Risk Management.

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Planning your financial future is a lot like planning a trip. You know where you want to go, but what is the best route to take and what will you do when you arrive?

We’ve been guiding people like you towards financial success through better investment performance and tax-efficient strategies. It all starts with getting to know what matters most to you and your family and learning about where you see yourselves in the future. We then work to develop a customized financial plan that not only keeps you on course, but also provides you with security for any detours or roadblocks along the way.

Our proven 360° financial process is a complete financial solution you can count on.

Knowledge Base

We believe that an informed client is a happy client. That’s why my team and I make sure you understand every aspect of your financial journey.

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Cashflow Management

The first step along your financial journey is to make sure you have more money coming in than you’re paying out. We can help determine that you’re on good financial footing with a detailed cash flow analysis.

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Risk Management

Life is full of risks that no one can predict. We’ll help protect you from any unforeseen circumstances that affect your income, such as illness, disability, or death, with a risk management plan that covers all the bases.

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Tax Planning

We develop strategies from a tax perspective to ensure you have a financial structure in place to reduce your tax liability. We’ll also take advantage of every opportunity to save more of your hard-earned money from the taxman.

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Investment Planning

Investing begins with determining what your ultimate financial goals are. Whether it’s to save money for a big purchase, plan for university or college for yourself or your children, have a nest egg in place for retirement, or to simply have the freedom to fulfill your “Bucket List” without affecting your quality of life today.

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Estate Planning

Ensure that your wealth is properly distributed using tax-efficient estate planning strategies.
Remember – you’re never too young for estate planning. Let’s start working on your plan now.

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The Ultimate Client Experience

Access the insights you need to drive your action plan with Carte Wealth Management App, available in both French and English – anywhere, anytime for free.

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Do what most Canadians are not doing before retirement

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